Q: What Makes Nudies Essentials Different

NUDIES Essentials was created as a solution for active women on the go. For women who love to travel and don't have time to be bogged down with washing underwear in between trips. There is nothing worse than lugging around period or dirty underwear in your suitcase. So, why not throw them out, after all they have been used.

Q: what sizes do you carry?

We carry 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large.

Q: How Do I Know What Size To Get?

NUDIES Essentials fits true to size. Grab whatever size you typically wear cotton in undies.

Q: What If I Don't want to throw my Nudies away after one use?

NUDIES are designed for a one time use, but it is totally up to you. Undies are delicate creatures by nature, so hand-wash in warm water with detergent made especially for delicates. Hang to dry.

Q: How does the subscription work?

Once you purchase the subscription you will receive a box of NUDIES Essentials once a month. It is perfect for all your travel needs and you no longer have to deal with period underwear.