Our Story

NUDIES Essentials is inspired by women who are on the go, love to travel, and still enjoy being chic during that time of the month. But, most of all, too busy to do laundry in between all of her fabulous trips. We are establishing an entirely new category of multi-use disposable undies that are insanely comfortable, super convenient, stylish, and quite frankly… the perfect fit.

Nudies Essentials is all about shifting the mindset, we are introducing a new way of seeing disposable period/travel underwear that come packaged in a trendy and discrete box. Whether you’re dealing with any va-jay-jay health issues, looking to stay dry and clean while traveling or going to the spa, we wanted you to have a pair of underwear you can feel good about wearing and tossing out. We want women around the world to feel empowered, beautiful and most of all comfortable in their own skin.

We all have a Nudies story, that moment when you wish you had an extra pair of underwear in your purse or carry-on because your “lady-friend” decided to visit and you weren’t prepared for her. Or have you ever had TSA go through your bag while you stand there cringing at the fact your dirty period stained underwear may be discovered?

Well, join the club …nobody likes to travel with stained undies, which is why the Nudies Essentials brand was created. Every woman has had one of those moments, and can appreciate the simple things that makes a women’s life easier.

It is only other fierce and feminine women who understand this. So we created an on-the-go solution for women, that has a gentle effect on the environment and made with 100% cotton. Nudies Essentials is an eco-friendly brand with recyclable packaging, biodegradable fabric, and low impact dyes. We want to hear #WhatsYourNudiesStory because we are inspired by YOU.