Project Nudies

We believe in helping, empowering, and advocating for women. Which is why we decided to stand up with The BuildHer Mission and give back. A non-profit dedicated to helping women whos lives and families have been affected by domestic violence. For every pair of NUDIES purchased you’re taking a stand with us. A portion of the net proceeds will go towards our NUDIES ESSENTIAL BAGS, that are filled with all the personal necessities a woman needs. Nudies Co. and BuildHer Mission donate the bags to the local domestic violence shelters in Dallas, Texas.

Each of our recycled bags has everything from underwear, lotion, soap, brushes, shampoo to tooth brushes and paste. Imagine not having your womanly basic essentials ...the things we need every day to make our lives more comfortable? This means that your purchase will impact not just one life, but many lives for years to come. Here at Nudies Co. we are building a community of support and making it our corporate mission to do good.